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Intelligent Touchless Trash Can

Intelligent Touchless Trash Can

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14L Smart Sensor Trash Can with Lid Intelligent Touchless Trash Can Quiet Auto Motion Sensor Rubbish Can IPX5 Waterproof for Bathroom Kitchen Narrow Space
1. Activate Narrow Spaces - Designed for Cramped Areas: With a width of just 15cm, this smart sensor trash can is specifically designed for tight gaps, maximizing space utilization. Enjoy the convenience of having a trash bin that fits perfectly in narrow spaces.
2. Intelligent Sensor for Quick Lid Opening - Hands-Free Operation: This automatic trash bin features intelligent sensors for fast lid opening. It can be activated through motion sensing, such as waving your hand, bending your knee, or gently kicking, eliminating the need for manual lid opening. Experience the ease and convenience of a touchless operation.
3. One-Button Constant Open for Simple Operation - Smart Living Made Easy: With one-button constant open functionality, this luxury garbage bucket enhances your smart living experience by providing a convenient and user-friendly operation. Long press to turn it on/off, and after opening, double-tap to keep the lid open. Enjoy a hassle-free and effortless waste disposal process.
4. 25cm Wide Circular Design - Leak-Proof and Space-Saving: The flat and wide circular design of this intelligent touchless trash can ensures a better seal compared to traditional round designs, reducing the chances of leaks and spills. Save space while maintaining cleanliness and efficiency.
5. IPX5 Waterproof Rating - Suitable for Wet Environments: With its IPX5 waterproof rating, this electric garbage bin can withstand water splashes and damp conditions commonly found in bathrooms and toilets. Say goodbye to touch malfunctions and confidently use this trash bin in humid areas.


Material: Plastic

Model Number: Smart Sensor Trash Can

Type: Induction Type

Shape: Rectangular

Structure: Standing

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Is Smart Device: no

Product Size: 14L

Product material: ABS

Product size: 310x305x150mm/12.2x12.01x5.91inch

Power supply mode: charging model/battery model (optional)

Product features: hand wave sensor/knee sensor/kick sensor

Applicable scene: living room/bedroom/kitchen/bathroom

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