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Folding Wooden Wine Rack 10 Bottles

Folding Wooden Wine Rack 10 Bottles

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1. Folding design with bee-shaped, it is a beautiful ornament.
2. The overall structure is more solid by screwd fixation, it is durable and not deformed.
3. It is made of pine, delicate and clear lines, with log fragrance.
4. No need to assemble, take out and unfold and then put into the bottle.
5. Lay the bottle horizontally to keep the cork moist which makes the wine store last longer.
6. Wide range of uses, not only can store wine, but also can store soda, soda water, special olive oil or vinegar, etc.

Material: Pine
Color: carbonized
Specifications: 10 bottle
length: 45cm, height: 31cm
Applicable: Winery, hotel, bar, family, etc
Bottle placement: Maximum diameter 8cm 

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